Re-Introduction Etudes

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  1. Five Spot (Bass and Melody)
  2. Pavane (Thirds)
  3. Pleading the Fifth (Fifths)
  4. Mansbridge (Thirds and Sixths)
  5. Red Thread (Moving Motifs)
  6. Cloches Tristes (Moving Motifs II)
  7. Sunday Unsung (Filling in the Jump)
  8. Climbing and Falling (Scales as Melodies)
  9. Tarantula (Semitones)
  10. Odessa (The Appoggiatura)
  11. Aquamarine (The Blue Note)
  12. Dressed in Green (The Green Note)
  13. In
  14. Glad and Sad (Major and Minor Melody)
  15. Resolutions per Minute (Resolutions)
  16. Cycle Therapy (Cycle of Fifths)
  17. Early Bird (Seventh Chords)
  18. College Triads (More Seventh Chords)
  19. Les Accords (Introducing Arpeggios)
  20. White Litany (Arpeggios as Melodies)
  21. Chaconne and On (Pedal Point)
  22. 80’s and Gentlemen 80’s (Basslines)
  23. Lefties (Left Hand Accompaniment)
  24. Knight Moves (Drumming on the Piano)
So many of us took piano lessons as kids, and sadly, most of us gave up. Learning the piano is overwhelming. There are so many things to think about: scales, finger positions, counting rhythm, reading the notes, understanding how chords move. Whereto begin? Whether you are a lapsed pianist who gave up after a couple of years, a young beginner or a laptop beatmaker wishing for musical options, I submit to you these 24 Re-introduction Etudes, guiding you through the building blocks ofmusic, Gonzo style. My goal is to get you sitting down at the piano and enjoying yourself. I made the pieces as fun as possible to play after only a few tries.