Chinese Design (Design Books)

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「Verlagsneues模範。 -言語は、英語、フランス、スペイン、イタリア。 本書「CHINESE DESIGN」は、建築プロジェクトやこれら作品のデザイナー、建築アトリエや開発者を幅広く紹介しています。北京、上海、香港 - - 3つの主要な地域に応じて3つの章で構成されており、4章では、中国本土の他の部分に位置する建築プロジェクトをカバーしています。2.400キロの長さで宇宙から見える地球上で唯一の建造物である万里の長城は、とても巨大で深いもの。中国での空間デザインに影響を与えるように見えたが、基本的な原理は、儒教、道教や風水などのさまざまな哲学の数に関連していました。 “Verlagsneues Exemplar. - Text dt., engl., franz., span. und ital. - In this book Chinese Design, we are pleased to introduce a wide array of different architectural projects, and the various designers, architectural ateliers and developers that have made these works come to light. The distribution of the book has been done in three chapters according to the three main geographical areas - Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong - where most of these projects are located. A fourth chapter covers the architectural projects located in other parts of the Chinese mainland. Like the Great Wall, which with its 2.400 km is the only built structure on earth visible from outer space, China is so huge and profound, that to make an attempt to analyse its design is practically impossible. The basic principle, however, that seemed to influence space design in China was related to a number of different philosophies like Confucianism, Taoism or Fengshui. Although nowadays, in general, people do not really l”

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