English Folksongs & Lute Songs

Alto Andreas Scholl , 作曲 Anonymous , 作曲 John Dowland , 作曲 Thomas Campion , 作曲 Traditional
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  1. Behold A Wonder Here
  2. Me, Me And None But Me
  3. All Ye, Whom Love Or Fortune Hath Betray'd
  4. The Lady Russell's Pavan (For Lute)
  5. The Three Ravens
  6. Waly, Waly
  7. King Henry
  8. Kemp's Jigg (For Lute)
  9. My Sweetest Lesbia
  10. I Care Not For These Ladies
  11. My Love Hath Vow'd
  12. I Saw My Lady Weep
  13. Flow, My Tears
  14. Sorrow, Stay
  15. Say, Love, If Ever Thou Didst Find
  16. Can She Excuse My Wrongs?
  17. Go From My Window
  18. Go From My Window (For Lute)
  19. I Will Give My Love An Apple
  20. Barbara Allen
  21. Lord Rendall