The Original Rumble Plus 22 Other Storming Guitar Instrumentals

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  1. Rumble
  2. The Swag
  3. Batman (Theme)
  4. Ace Of Spades
  5. Jack The Ripper
  6. I'm Branded
  7. Fat Back
  8. Run Chicken Run
  9. Turnpike USA
  10. Deuces Wild
  11. Mustang
  12. Blueberry Hill
  13. Run Boy Run
  14. The Sweeper
  15. Hound Dog
  16. That'll Be The Day
  17. The Fuzz
  18. Rawhide
  19. Draggin'
  20. Aces Wild
  21. Bull Dawg
  22. The Rumble Man
  23. Copenhagen
A native American with one lung and a distinguished military history, Link Wray, The Original Rumble, was also the original guitar hero. As important a figure in the history of guitar-playing as Robert Johnson or Charlie Christian, Wray was the first man to demonstrate that an electric guitar, in the right hands, could be made to sound like a weapon. His records have almost no "musical" quality at all: they're brutal, unbelievably raw, endlessly repetitive and concerned solely with sound, feel and aggression. His sizzling arrangement of the Batman theme makes all subsequent versions sound rather pathetic, and "Rumble" itself still sounds like a complete signal-post in the history of rock music: in its crepuscular, shuddering menace are the roots of Hendrix, Pete Townshend, the proto-metal of the first few Kinks singles, and pretty much any guitarist since who turned it up and made it sound nasty. --Taylor Parkes