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  1. Nil Na La
  2. The Flowing Bowl/Maire Breathnachs #1/The Doon/The Mason's Men
  3. The White Petticoat/Stan Chapmans/The Miller's Maggot
  4. I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight
  5. The Yellow Tinker/Cranking Out/Master Crowleys #2
  6. Crested Hens
  7. Johnny's Gone For A Soldier
  8. Dougie MacDonalds/Maire Breathnachs #2/The Antrim Rose/Atlantic Wave/Toss The Feathers
  9. The Newry Highwayman
  10. Gan Ainm/The Humours Of Whiskey/Leslie's March
  11. Sliabh Geal Gcua Na Feile
  12. Lament For Frankie
  13. Timmy Cliffords/The Return Home/O'Ot Be Est Da Vong/John Joe Caseys
To push his music into the vocal realm, Seamus Egan has joined three musicians from the When Juniper Sleeps project--fiddler Winifred Horan, accordionist John Williams, and guitarist John Doyle--plus singer Karan Casey to form a band called Solas. Solas, produced by Silly Wizard's Johnny Cunningham, immediately marks this American quintet as a major force in Celtic music. The dance tunes combine rhythmic verve and melodic invention, and the songs give the instruments equal footing with the vocals. Egan's special gifts have never had a better setting. --Geoffrey Himes