In God We Trust/Plastic...

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レーベル:Alternative Tentacles
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  1. Plastic Surgery Disaster-Government Flu
  2. Plastic Surgery Disaster-Terminal Preppie
  3. Plastic Surgery Disaster-Trust Your Mechanic
  4. Plastic Surgery Disaster-Well Paid Scientist
  5. Plastic Surgery Disaster-Buzzbomb
  6. Plastic Surgery Disaster-Forest Fire
  7. Plastic Surgery Disaster-Halloween
  8. Plastic Surgery Disaster-Winnebego Warrior
  9. RiotPlastic Surgery Disaster-
  10. Bleed For MePlastic Surgery Disaster-
  11. I Am The OwlPlastic Surgery Disaster-
  12. Dead EndPlastic Surgery Disaster-
  13. Moon Over MarinPlastic Surgery Disaster-
  14. In God We Trust-Religous Vomit
  15. In God We Trust-Moral Majority
  16. In God We Trust- Hyperactive Child
  17. In God We Trust-Kepone Factory
  18. In God We Trust-Dog Bite
  19. In God We Trust-Nazi Punks Fuck Off
  20. In God We Trust-We've Got A Bigger Problem Now
  21. In God We Trust-Rawhide
Too smart to be punks. Not smart enough to be anything else. Probably the truest thing ever said of this band--who, for a time in the early 1980s, represented to a quivering Middle America everything that was sick, seditious and unholy about punk rock. Singer Jello Biafra almost instinctively recognised the wisdom of marrying leftist radicalism with overdriven guitars--that, yes, the medium would swamp the message, but it would also empower it. Ultimately, however, the band were undone by the limitations of their format. Considered song-by-song--and there are 21 of them here, ranging from the compelling ("Buzzbomb", "Forest Fire") to the truly abysmal ("Religious Vomit")--their sound was too abrasive, and their pace too unvarying, to ever extend the limits of the form. And while certain sentiments remain valid--"Nazi Punks Fuck Off" is as noble (and as necessary) a gesture today as it was back then--it fell to a later generation (Black Flag, Minor Threat, H�sker D�) to bring actual songcraft to hardcore. --Andrew McGuire