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レーベル:Windham Hill Records
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  1. Tamarack Pines
  2. Forbidden Forest
  3. Troubadour
  4. The Cradle
  5. Cloudy This Morning
  6. Last Lullaby Here
  7. Mon Enfant (My Child)
  8. Returning
  9. Graceful Ghost
  10. Walking In The Air
  11. Building The Snowman
  12. The Snowman's Music Box Dance
  13. Love Song To A Ballerina
  14. Lights In The Sky
  15. Japanese Music Box (Itsuki No Komoriuta)
  16. Night Sky
Don't let the incessant tinkle-pounding of the opener "Tamarack Pines" detour you from Forest. It's a lovely CD that meanders like a Montanan stream through the poetry of Winston's signature cinematic style. "Forbidden Forest" gently muses with an introspective, solitary air, while "Cloudy This Morning" emulates the varying shades of gray melancholy that come with an overcast sky. These are some of Winston's best moments, when his inspiration sings through his fingers and pierces the listener's soul, forcing an aching response void of language or any conscious behavior. Winston's choice of covers reflects this transcendent, poetic tension well. Unlike the more rural Plains, where several covers come across clearly as another artist's voice, the majority of covers on Forest--particularly those of Howard Blake's music to The Snowman--match Winston's emotive paintings of sound. Forest is a beautiful collection that does justice to the sublime mystique of its namesake. --Karen K. Hugg