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  1. It's Over
  2. Snow Day
  3. Taffy
  4. When All The Stars Were Falling
  5. Do You Sleep?
  6. Hurricane
  7. Rose-Colored Times
  8. Sandalwood
  9. Alone
  10. Waiting For Wednesday
  11. Lisa Listen
  12. Garden Of Delights
  13. Stay
Though Tails was her debut album, Loeb had already hit the stratosphere of the pop charts a year earlier with "Stay," a monster hit from the soundtrack of the film Reality Bites. "Stay" is also included on Tails, but the other 12 tracks demonstrate Loeb had more than one good song in her, even if none of them found similar success on the singles chart. Loeb's knack for infectious, buoyant pop shines through on such instantly catchy tunes as "Snow Day," "Rose-Colored Time" and "Waiting for Wednesday"; quieter, darker numbers such as "Hurricane," "Alone" and "Lisa Listen" reveal a more reflective side; and "Taffy" shows she's occasionally willing to let loose and rock as well. --Peter Blackstock