Mo' Money: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

作曲 Jay Gruska
マーケットプレイス価格:¥ 4,974 (税込)

レーベル:Perspective Records
JAN:0028968100426 売上ランキング:音楽で181499位

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  1. Mo' Money Groove
  2. For You? Free
  3. The Best Things In Life Are Free
  4. Gimme My 2 Dollars
  5. Ice Cream Dream
  6. Amber, Let's Go
  7. Let's Just Run Away
  8. Don't Throw That Away
  9. I Adore You
  10. Get Off My Back
  11. Forever Love
  12. Fun And Games With The Mail Boy
  13. Money Can't Buy You Love
  14. Hi Johnny Baby
  15. Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now)
  16. Joy
  17. A Sister Just Like Her
  18. The New Style
  19. I Think I Mightta Gotta Job
  20. A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work
  21. My Dreams Need Detail
  22. My Dear
  23. Big Time
  24. Brother Will