Blue Earth

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  1. Two Angels
  2. She's Not Alone Anymore
  3. Will I Be Married
  4. Dead End Angel
  5. Commonplace Streets
  6. Ain't No End
  7. Five Cups Of Coffee
  8. The Baltimore Sun
  9. Red Firecracker
  10. Sioux City
  11. I'm Still Dreaming, Now I'm Yours
  12. Martin's Song
In the mid-'80s, the last thing the world expected from the frosty hometown of Prince and the Replacements was a band that perfectly captured the spirit of Gram Parsons. Long before anyone had heard of alt-country, the Jayhawks redefined the Minneapolis sound and damn near perfected it on this 1989 sophomore effort. From the evocative pop of "Two Angels" to the hauntingly resonant "I'm Still Dreaming, Now I'm Yours," it's less rock-centric than the group's subsequent George Drakoulias-produced albums, but no less memorable. All in all, a perfect showcase for Mark Olson and Gary Louris's songwriting and harmonies. --Bill Forman