Get in Touch With Yourself

作曲 Andy Connell , 演奏 Andy Connell , 作曲 Corinne Drewery , 演奏 Corinne Drewery , 作曲 Paul Staveley O'Duffy , プロデュース Paul Staveley O'Duffy , 指揮 William Malone , 演奏 Luis Jardim , 演奏 Tim Cansfield , 演奏 Nigel Hitchcock , 演奏 Chris Manis , 演奏 John Thirkell , 演奏 Myke Wilson , 演奏 Derek "Castro" Johnson , 演奏 Gary Barnacle , 演奏 Snake Davis , プロデュース Stuart James
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JAN:0731451224126 売上ランキング:音楽で119648位

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  1. Get In Touch With Yourself
  2. Notgonnachange
  3. Am I The Same Girl
  4. Everyday Crime
  5. Who Let The Love Out
  6. I Can Hear You But I Can't See You
  7. Understand
  8. Circulate
  9. Love Child
  10. Incomplete Without You
  11. Don't Say The Word
  12. Everyday Crime
Sauve, alluring penthouse pop from this U.K. on its third. Highlights include the irresistible "Am I the Same Girl," the instrumental "Soulful Strut," the elegant "Notgonnachange" and "Understand" while "Everday Crime" has a groove Shaft would dig. --Jeff Bateman