Shame & A Sin

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レーベル:Island / Mercury
JAN:0731451823725 売上ランキング:音楽で481855位

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  1. 1040 Blues
  2. Some Pain, Some Shame
  3. I Shiver
  4. You're Gonna Need Me
  5. Don't Break This Ring
  6. Stay Go
  7. Leave Well Enough Alone
  8. Passing By
  9. I'm Just Lucky That Way
  10. Up And Down
Robert Cray heralded Shame & a Sin as a return to his blues roots following the forays into Stax-inspired soul with 1990's Midnight Stroll and 1993's I Was Warned. Indeed, the late Albert Collins guests on a remake of Albert King's "You're Gonna Need Me," and tracks like the opener, "1040 Blues," and the loose 'n' limber "Stay Go" indicate a back-to-basics move. Still, Cray isn't the kind of musician who's given to reckless detours; Shame fits neatly in the Cray oeuvre. Either you accept the fact that Cray is an exceptionally gifted guitarist and vocalist, or you find his blues too courteous and correct. Cray resembles one of those athletes who is blessed with such a perfect stride that nobody believes he's running hard. --Steve Stolder