Symphony 9

作曲 Gustav Mahler , 指揮 Herbert von Karajan , オーケストラ Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
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レーベル:Deutsche Grammophon
JAN:0028943902427 売上ランキング:音楽で22088位

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Disc : 1
  1. Symphony No. 9: 1st Movement - Andante comodo
  2. Symphony No. 9: Etwas frischer
  3. Symphony No. 9: Horns
  4. Symphony No. 9: Mit Wut. Allegro Risoluto
  5. Symphony No. 9: Brass
  6. Symphony No. 9: Bewegter
  7. Symphony No. 9: Wie von Anfang
  8. Symphony No. 9: Plotzlich bedeutend langasmer (Lento) und leise
  9. Symphony No. 9: 2nd Movement - Im Tempo eines gemachlichen Landlers
  10. Symphony No. 9: Poco piu mosso subito (Tempo II)
  11. Symphony No. 9: Tempo III
  12. Symphony No. 9: A Tempo II
  13. Symphony No. 9: Tempo I
  14. Symphony No. 9: Tempo II
  15. Symphony No. 9: Tempo I. subito
Disc : 2
  1. Symphony No. 9: 3rd Movement - Rondo-burleske
  2. Symphony No. 9: L'istesso tempo
  3. Symphony No. 9: Sempre l'istesso tempo
  4. Symphony No. 9: L'istesso tempo
  5. Symphony No. 9: Clarinets
  6. Symphony No. 9: Tempo I. subito
  7. Symphony No. 9: Piu stretto
  8. 4th Movement: 4th Movement - Adagio
  9. 4th Movement: Plotzlich wieder langsam (wie zu Anfang) und etwas zogernd
  10. 4th Movement: Molto adagio subito
  11. 4th Movement: A tempo (Molto adagio)
  12. 4th Movement: Stets sehr gehalten
  13. 4th Movement: Fliessender, doch durchas nicht eilend
  14. 4th Movement: Tempo I. Molto adagio
  15. 4th Movement: Adagissimo
Herbert von Karajan made a studio recording of the Ninth with the Berlin Philharmonic that appeared in 1981, but he was apparently dissatisfied with it and pressed for this remake, recorded at a performance during the Berlin Festival Weeks of 1982. The result is one of the finest of all his achievements--a riveting account of this great work that blazes with a visionary intensity from first bar to last. There is grip and majesty here, sovereign control over the Mahler's vast canvas, but also an extraordinary "of the moment" quality that is unusual in Karajan's discography. The sound on this recent "Karajan Gold" remastering is excellent. --Ted Libbey