Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Webern, etc/Maurizio Pollini

作曲 Anton Webern , 作曲 Igor Stravinsky , 作曲 Pierre Boulez , 作曲 Sergey Prokofiev , Piano Maurizio Pollini
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レーベル:Deutsche Grammophon
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  1. Three Movements From 'Petrushka': 1. Danse russe. Allegro giusto
  2. Three Movements From 'Petrushka': 2. Chez Petrouchka
  3. Three Movements From 'Petrushka': 3. La semaine grasse. Con moto - Allegretto - Tempo giusto - Agitato
  4. Piano Sonata No. 7 In B Flat Major: 1. Allegro inquieto - Andantino
  5. Piano Sonata No. 7 In B Flat Major: 2. Andante caloroso
  6. Piano Sonata No. 7 In B Flat Major: 3. Precipitato
  7. Variations For Piano: I. Sehr massig
  8. Variations For Piano: II. Sehr schnell
  9. Variations For Piano: III. Ruhig fliessend
  10. Second Sonata For Piano: 1. Extremement rapide
  11. Second Sonata For Piano: 2. Lent
  12. Second Sonata For Piano: 3. Modere, presque vif
  13. Second Sonata For Piano: 4. Vif
Pollini is so much a part of the contemporary music scene that it's amazing to realize that the earliest material on this disc (Stravinsky and Prokofiev) dates to the 1940s. These two performances retain their power to startle and amaze, both through Pollini's seemingly effortless virtuosity and through the immediacy of his musical conceptions. This Prokofiev is a close rival even to Richter's. Webern, from six years later, is so colorful and well organized that it makes the difficult music almost easy to listen to. Not many listeners will put up with Boulez's obscurities, but there is still plenty to make the disc worthwhile. --Leslie Gerber