Anniversary: 20 Years of Hits

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  1. Apartment #9
  2. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
  3. I Don't Wanna Play House
  4. D-I-V-O-R-C-E
  5. Stand By Your Man
  6. Singing My Song
  7. Run, Woman, Run
  8. We Sure Can Love Each Other
  9. Good Lovin' (Makes It Right)
  10. Bedtime Story
  11. 'Til I Get It Right
  12. Kids Say The Darndest Things
  13. Another Lonely Song
  14. We're Gonna Hold On
  15. Woman To Woman
  16. 'Til I Can Make It On My Own
  17. Golden Ring
  18. You And Me
  19. One Of A Kind
  20. Two Story House
Most of the world knows Tammy Wynette only because "Stand by Your Man" cracked the pop Top 20. There's so much more to Wynette, though, than just that misunderstood hit, and Anniversary is a superb one-disc introduction to the wide world of Wynette: the heart-wrenchingly realistic tales of crumbling marriages and confused kids ("D-I-V-O-R-C-E," "I Don't Wanna Play House"); the sweet duets with husband George Jones ("Golden Ring"); the sisterly advice ("Woman to Woman"); the gratefulness for true love ("Good Lovin',"); the struggle for independence ("Til I Can Make It on My Own"). The 20 hit singles here flesh out the complex point of view behind "Stand by Your Man," reminding that gender politics are always emotional, personal, and capable of breaking your heart. --David Cantwell