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レーベル:Elektra / Wea
JAN:0075596131520 売上ランキング:音楽で128247位

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  1. Fanfarra(Cabua-Le-Le)
  2. Magalenha
  3. Indado
  4. What Is This?
  5. Lua Soberana
  6. Sambadouro
  7. Senhoras Do Amazonas
  8. Kalimba
  9. Barabare
  10. Esconjuros
  11. Pipoca
  12. Magano
  13. Chorado
  14. Fanfarra (Despedida)
Brasileiro marks a radical departure from the jazzy, bossa nova style Sergio Mendes has previously explored and for which he has rightly become known. The titles literal translation, Brazilian, hints at a content that examines the roots and traditional rhythms of the country's music: this is more samba then bossa. In combining the high-energy thunder of the drums of Rio and Salvador with other regional styles including reggae, forrò and maracatu, Mendes works together with leading contemporary artists including the outstanding Carlinhos Brown. It is to his testimony that the transition has been made so easily, and in many ways this album is as imaginative and powerful as anything he has previously created. The bookend tracks, "Fanfarra (Cabua-Le-Le)" and "Fanfarra (Despedida)" bring a genuine taste of Carnival to proceedings, while the musical influences displayed on "What Is This?" stress exactly how divergent this album really is. --George Lees