Amplified Heart

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レーベル:Atlantic / Wea
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  1. Rollercoaster
  2. Troubled Mind
  3. I Don't Understand Anything
  4. Walking To You
  5. Get Me
  6. Missing
  7. Two Star
  8. We Walk The Same Line
  9. 25th December
  10. Disenchanted
Amplified Heart marked a number of changes in Everything but the Girl's career, the most obvious of which was their sudden popularity when a Todd Terry remix of "Missing" became a dance-floor hit. But before the album was even recorded, Ben Watt--who with Tracy Thorn is EBTG--was hospitalized for a life-threatening intestinal disorder (see his book, Patient: The True Story of a Rare Illness, for a full account). His recovery invigorates Amplified Heart, making the love songs that much more passionate, the relationship songs that much more tender, and "25th December"--the one song in which Watt sings lead--that much more heartbreaking. Thorn's captivating vocals are the focus on the rest of the album, and she's as smooth as ever; combined with the focus that she and Watt share here, it makes for EBTG's best album. --Randy Silver