Amplified Heart

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レーベル:Atlantic / Wea
JAN:0075678260520 売上ランキング:音楽で174082位

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  1. Rollercoaster
  2. Troubled Mind
  3. I Don't Understand Anything
  4. Walking To You
  5. Get Me
  6. Missing
  7. Two Star
  8. We Walk The Same Line
  9. 25th December
  10. Disenchanted
  11. Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)
Amplified Heart marked a number of changes in Everything but the Girl's career, the most obvious of which was their sudden popularity when a Todd Terry remix of "Missing" became a dance-floor hit. But before the album was even recorded, Ben Watt--who with Tracy Thorn is EBTG--was hospitalized for a life-threatening intestinal disorder (see his book, Patient: The True Story of a Rare Illness, for a full account). His recovery invigorates Amplified Heart, making the love songs that much more passionate, the relationship songs that much more tender, and "25th December"--the one song in which Watt sings lead--that much more heartbreaking. Thorn's captivating vocals are the focus on the rest of the album, and she's as smooth as ever; combined with the focus that she and Watt share here, it makes for EBTG's best album. --Randy Silver