11 Tracks of Whack

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  1. Down In The Bottom
  2. Junkie Girl
  3. Surf And/Or Die
  4. Book Of Liars
  5. Lucky Henry
  6. Hard Up Case
  7. Cringemaker
  8. Girlfriend
  9. My Waterloo
  10. This Moody Bastard
  11. Hat Too Flat
  12. Little Kawai
As one half of Steely Dan, bassist, guitarist, and cowriter Walter Becker was often overlooked simply because the words came out of his partner's mouth. But any post-Dan suspicions that it was Donald Fagen who carried more weight in shaping the duo's stealth- pop are brilliantly atomized by this superb, if underrated, 1994 solo debut for Becker, which confirms his stand- alone gifts for intricate jazz harmonies, his instincts for superb arrangements, and above all his powers as a lyricist. On the evidence of 11 Tracks of Whack, it's Becker who excels at the oblique, coded language that was one of Steely Dan's most insidious weapons: from the opening "Down in the Bottom" and the withering, yet tender "Junkie Girl," "Book of Liars" and "Cringemaker," Becker crafts shadowy relationships, telling gesture, and street patois into brilliant, highly stylized songs. Apart from shedding fresh light onto one of the most potent writing partnerships in pop, these Tracks pack whack indeed. -- Sam Sutherland

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