More Real Folk Blues

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  1. Just My Kind
  2. I've Got A Woman
  3. Work For Your Money
  4. I'll Be Around
  5. You Can't Be Beat
  6. You Gonna Wreck My Life
  7. I Love My Baby
  8. Neighbors
  9. I'm The Wolf
  10. Rockin' Daddy
  11. Who Will Be Next?
  12. I Have A Little Girl
Consisting mainly of Chicago takes from the early to mid 1950s, More Real Folk Blues is titled like a companion to Real Folk Blues but covers a different time period. That's not exactly a bad thing; there's some great stuff on this CD, from the rollicking, almost-off-the-tracks "Just My Kind" to the sensual rocking of "I Have a Little Girl." Sure, the sound quality's not the best, but the loose, relaxed "You Can't Be Beat" and the opening harmonica line on "I Love My Baby" are worth listening for. The highlight of this CD, however, is definitely "I'll Be Around." With its heavy beat and vocals loud enough to overpower everything else, this song has a slow menace that makes it easy to understand how the Wolf could terrify his live audiences. --Genevieve Williams