If You're Feeling Sinister

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  1. The Stars Of Track And Field
  2. Seeing Other People
  3. Me And The Major
  4. Like Dylan In The Movies
  5. The Fox In The Snow
  6. Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
  7. If You're Feeling Sinister
  8. Mayfly
  9. The Boy Done Wrong Again
  10. Judy And The Dream Of Horses
There are several schools of thought about Syd Barrett, the early leader of Pink Floyd. Some think he was a genius songwriter, even when he was utterly whacked out. Others think he was just a druggie tosspot (those people are wrong). If you subscribe to the former school, you need to hear Belle and Sebastian, who seem to inhabit a musical universe close to Syd's. Songs seem to fly off the cuff, as attractive as a summer day when you were 16. We're not talking self-conscious strangeness here, but just natural, organic weirdness with melodies that make these songs work. --Chris Nickson