Gery December

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レーベル:Blue Note Records
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  1. Grey December
  2. I Wish I Knew
  3. Someone To Watch Over Me
  4. This Is Always
  5. Headline
  6. Ergo
  7. Bockhanal
  8. Bockhanal (Alt. Take)
  9. A Dandy Line
  10. A Dandy Line (Alt. Take)
  11. Pro Defunctus
  12. Little Old Lady
  13. Little Old Lady (Alt. Take)
  14. Moonlight Becomes You
  15. Moonlight Becomes You (Alt. Take)
  16. Goodbye
  17. Boodbye (Alt. Take)
If the cool jazz trend of the 1950s was intended to mean the opposite of what hot jazz stood for--sprightly syncopations at breakneck tempos--many of its supposed practitioners played at the wrong temperature. But trumpeter/vocalist Chet Baker always epitomized the style--quiet, often somber, self-absorbed to the point of fragility. He was nevertheless a player who could summon great soul to his performance and who found a kindred spirit in Charlie Parker when the alto saxophonist made an ill-fated West coast trip. Grey December combines a session with Herb Geller on alto sax, Jack Montrose on tenor, and Bud Shank on flute with a 1955 session setting Baker's trumpet and vocals against moody string arrangements. --John Swenson