Titanic: A New Musical - Original Broadway Cast Recording

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  1. "The Launching: (From ""Titanic"")"
  2. The Proposal
  3. The Night Was Alive
  4. Getting In the Lifeboat
  5. I Must Get On That Ship (reprise)
  6. Lady's Maid (reprise)
  7. The Proposal/The Night Was Alive (reprise)/Canons
  8. "Overture/Prologue: In Every Age (From ""Titanic"")"
  9. How Did They Build Titanic?
  10. There She Is / Loading Inventory / The Largest Moving Object
  11. I Must Get On That Ship
  12. The 1st Class Roster
  13. Godspeed Titanic
  14. "Barrett's Song (From ""Titanic"")"
  15. "To Be a Captain (From ""Titanic"")"
  16. "Lady's Maid (From ""Titanic"")"
  17. "What a Remarkable Age This Is! (From ""Titanic"")"
  18. The Proposal/The Night Was Alive
  19. "Hymn/Doing the Latest Rag (From ""Titanic"")"
  20. "I Have Danced (From ""Titanic"")"
  21. "No Moon (From ""Titanic"")"
  22. "Autumn/Finale (From ""Titanic"")"
  23. "Dressed in Your Pyjamas in the Grand Salon (From ""Titanic"")"
  24. "The Blame (From ""Titanic"")"
  25. "To The Lifeboats (From ""Titanic"")"
  26. "We'll Meet Tomorrow (From ""Titanic"")"
  27. "Still (From ""Titanic"")"
  28. "To Be a Captain (reprise) (From ""Titanic"")"
  29. "Mr. Andrews' Vision (From ""Titanic"")"
  30. "Epilogue: In Every Age (reprise)/Finale (From ""Titanic"")"
Unlike the boat it's named after, this show truly rose from the bottom. Despite detractors predicting doom before it had even opened, Titanic overcame hectic previews and endless technical problems to win a Tony for best musical and turn into a commercial success. Despite the fact that favorite performers like Judith Blazer or Victoria Clark disappear in the crowd and don't get solos of note, the show still manages to bring to life affecting characters. Maury Yeston's (Grand Hotel) score has the required majesty without ever being turgid, and the choral work he coaxes from his ensemble is eminently powerful. Though it requires a fair amount of attention on the listener's part, Titanic is also surprisingly emotional--its majestic finale packs more punch than 3 hours of Leonardo DiCaprio. --Elisabeth Vincentelli

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