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  1. The Hits Hurt
  2. Cycle
  3. Thomson Colour
  4. Unfair Kind Of Fame
  5. Fragile Gang
  6. The Viaduct
  7. Remote Climbs
  8. Rough Riders
  9. On The Way
  10. Leaving This Island
  11. G12 Nights
  12. Attic Plan
  13. Mechanised
In the late '80s the Pastels were bold purveyors of anorak pop, the shambling, chaotic love rock that was named for the heavy coats its followers wore in every weather. A decade later sees the band light years away from their former artlessness. Illumination is a fluid and spacious work, with offhand vocals and textured melodies that recall late-'60s Southern California folk rock. The Pastels have been a continual influence on the Glasgow, Scotland, music scene, and their passion for flute, percussion, and low-key organ can be detected in their protégés the Delgados and Belle & Sebastian. Rather than being fusty, nostalgic old-schoolers, the Pastels adapt their music to current moods and interests. Illumination takes a relaxed view of things, which makes the frantic pace of the music world slowly disappear. That is true magic. --Lois Maffeo

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