Bad Moon Rising

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レーベル:Geffen Records
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  1. Intro
  2. Brave Men Run (In My Family)
  3. Society Is A Hole
  4. I Love Her All The Time
  5. Ghost Bitch
  6. I'm Insane
  7. Justic Is Might
  8. Death Valley '69
  9. Satan Is Boring
  10. Flower
  11. Hallowe'en
  12. Unknown
Bad Moon Rising is an album of inspired contradictions. Chilling yet pastoral, artful yet politicized, it documents a band at odds with its own impulses and the culture that spawned them. You can hear Sonic Youth struggling to define their identity in a medium that turned its back on such pursuits long ago. The album closer, "Death Valley '69" (with vocal contributions from Lydia Lunch) is the group's most rewarding dalliance into straightforward rock to date and a promising sign of things to come. But the song is epilogue to a conflict between posture and innovation. Over the next three years--climaxing with 1988's Daydream Nation--Sonic Youth would pursue the latter of these impulses with peerless results. But Bad Moon Rising is arguably their first essential release. It marks a crucial turning point in the band's history--the moment when an experiment became an institution. --Matt Hanks