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  1. Turandot: Act I: Popolo Di Pekino! - Indietro, Cani! - Markov/John Alldis Choir
  2. Turandot: Act I: Gira La Cote! - Perche Tarda La Luna? - John Alldis Choir
  3. Turandot: Act I: O Giovinetto! Grazia, Grazia! - John Alldis Choir
  4. Turandot: Act I: Figlio, Che Fai? - Ghiaurov/Pavarotti
  5. Turandot: Act I: Fermo! Che Fai? T'arresta - Non Indugiare! - Krause/Poli/Palma/John Alldis Choir
  6. Turandot: Act I: Signore, Ascolta! - Caballe
  7. Turandot: Act I: Non Piangere, Liu! - Ah! Per L'ultima Volta! - Pavarotti/Ghiaurov
  8. Turandot: Act I: Ola, Pang! Ola, Pong! - Krause
  9. Turandot: Act II, Scene 1: Ho Una Casa Nell 'Honan' - Krause
  10. Turandot: Act II, Scene 1: O Mondo, O Mondo.../O Tigre! O Tigre! - Krause/Poli/Palma
  11. Turandot: Act II, Scene 2: Introduzione - London PO/Mehta
  12. Turandot: Act II, Scene 2: Gravi, Enormi Ed Imponenti - John Alldis Choir
  13. Turandot: Act II, Scene 2: Un Giuramento Attroce Mi Costringe - Pears
  14. Turandot: Act II, Scene 2: Popolo Di Pekino - Markov
Joan Sutherland is not usually considered a Puccini singer, and in fact she sang the role of Turandot only in the recording studio. But for that assignment she had exactly what was needed: a voice that seemed to have no upper limits and a personality that concealed vulnerability under an air of icy detachment. She also had an ideal set of colleagues, notably Luciano Pavarotti, whose "Nessun dorma" has become practically his signature tune. --Joe McLellan