Witches & Devils

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レーベル:Freedom -- Navarre --
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  1. Witches And Devils
  2. Spirits
  3. Saints
By turns mournful, haunting, and downright celebratory, Witches & Devils is among tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler's best records. The band lays down sturdy foundations of improvised sound here--as always, Sonny Murray's drumming is a highlight. The real treat, of course, is Ayler's inimitable improvisational style. Ayler played his saxophone like it was the most important thing in the world; his music is intense and at times eerie, yet it celebrates simple, repetitive schoolyard melodies. Most important of all is Ayler's range, and he did have one--he could sound like he was trying to spit razorblades through his horn at you one song and like your beloved grandmother singing you to sleep the next. --Mike McGonigal