We Free Kings

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  1. Three For The Festival
  2. Moon Song
  3. A Sack Full Of Soul
  4. The Haunted Melody
  5. Blues For Alice (Alt. Take)
  6. Blues For Alice (Master Take)
  7. We Free Kings
  8. You Did It, You Did It
  9. Some Kind Of Love
  10. My Delight
The array of horns that Rahsaan Roland Kirk draped over his neck was for far more than show. He could play multiple saxophones and even nose flutes simultaneously. He sticks to a more predictable fare on this session, though don't take that as anything negative. "Sack Full of Soul" is a kicker, with the bridge jump-started by Kirk's tenor, manzello, and stritch. The impact of this recording is gradual, not immediate (as was the case with recordings like Rip, Rig & Panic). Pianist Richard Wyands does a splendid job backing Kirk, keeping things on track whether in the bluesiest of modes as on "You Did It" or in a dancingly melodic groove as on the title track. --Andrew Bartlett