Varese: Ameriques/Offrandes

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レーベル:Elektra / Wea
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  1. Ameriques
  2. Offrandes: Chanson de La-haut
  3. Offrandes: La Croix du Sud
  4. Hyperprism
  5. Octandre: I
  6. Octandre: II
  7. Octandre: III
  8. Arcana
Kent Nagano is a young and brilliant figure among contemporary conductors, and perhaps this suits him for the music of Varese, the audacious French rebel. The purity of Phyllis Bryn-Julson's soprano contrasts with the static, almost metallic blocks of sound that characterize Varese's Offrandes--the instrumental writing seems to flaunt itself in the face of traditional notions of beauty. Nagano's strategy is not to smooth over the harshness of Varese's music; he lets it vibrate and sizzle. --Joshua Cody

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