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  10. Eri Okan (Conscience)
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Nigeria's utmost musical statesman, King Sunny Ade, enlists a huge band-18 musicians in all-for Odu. The exuberant album is a wonderful example of musical build-up, from the elegantly intoned talking drums to slinking guitars and then a vocal power that grows exponentially with each additional voice taking on new choruses. This latest chapter in King Sunny's lengthy career exemplifies our need for more of his music, as his discography is nearly innumerable in his native country. This rendition of King Sunny's trademark highlife music skiffles with the best polyrhythmic beats, dropping lots of clearly struck guitar riffs around for a mesmerizing World Pop experience. These are familiar waters for the fan of African popular music. In Odu, King Sunny extends his look at syncopated, danceable and melodious music with vibrant production quality and flawless audio. --Andrew Bartlett