Perfect Night

価格: (税込)
レーベル:Reprise / Wea
JAN:0093624691723 売上ランキング:音楽で361035位

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  1. I'll Be Your Mirror
  2. Perfect Day
  3. The Kids
  4. Vicious
  5. Busload Of Faith
  6. Kicks
  7. Talking Book
  8. Into The Divine
  9. Coney Island Baby
  10. New Sensations
  11. Why Do You Talk
  12. Riptide
  13. Original Wrapper
  14. Sex With Your Parents
  15. Dirty Blvd.
The first sign that the live acoustic set Perfect Night is going to be dodgy is the liner notes, where Reed enthuses over the "Feedbucker"--a device that wipes out feedback. This from the man who recorded "I Heard Her Call My Name." Reed walks-and-talks through 15 of his songs with the absolute confidence of a man convinced he's a great urban poet. The problem is that he's only that sometimes: "The Kids" and "Vicious" come out just fine, but later material sounds flatter and preachier than ever--reviving "The Original Wrapper" is a mistake any way you want to cut it. Reed isn't just a lyricist, he's a songwriter, and reducing his music to functional accompaniment doesn't do his songs justice. --Douglas Wolk