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レーベル:Putumayo World Music
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  1. Me Vuelvo Guajira
  2. Mambo Yo Yo
  3. Yay Boy
  4. El Son De Llama
  5. Galo Negro
  6. Viva En El Monte
  7. Magic Woman
  8. Mueve La Cintura Mulata
  9. Adama Coly
  10. Kolonial
  11. Me Dieron La Clave
  12. Aideu
A well chosen compilation of 12 songs, "Afro Latino" features artists from both sides of the Atlantic, including some based in the USA. The marriage of African and Cuban rhythm and tradition is incredibly fertile, witnessed by the many different takes on this most sensual and swinging mix from Cuba, Senegal, Angola, Cape Verde, The Congo, and even Peru. From the acoustic guitar-led Quarteto Oriente (playing in Cuba's "oriente" style) to Congo's soukous supergroup Les 4 Etoiles, the legendary Orchestra Baobab and Africando, this is a top flight introduction to the many flavors of Afro-Cuban music. Included from Putamayo's Artist label are the salsa tinged Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca and well established Congolese guitarist/songwriter Sam Mangwana, now residing in the USA. Afro-Cuban music has never been more vital, and this collection is a good place to start your explorations. --Derek Rath