Hard Normal Daddy (WARPCD50)

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  1. Coopers World
  2. Beat Street
  3. Rustic Raver
  4. Anirog D9
  5. Chin Happy
  6. Papalon
  7. E8 Boogie
  8. Vic Acid
  9. The Fat Controller
  10. Male Pill Part 13
  11. Rat/P's & Q's
  12. Rebus
The fusion of jazz and drum & bass has become the toast of the chattering classes, throwing up a canon of overlong epics like Goldie's Saturn Returnz. What a relief, then, for Squarepusher; Hard Normal Daddy comes as a gleefully psychotic antidote to such Tubular Bells-esque pomposity. In the spirit of Warp Records' prolific, dazzling, but sometimes difficult output, Hard Normal Daddy is a trailblazing work of half-mad genius. It's also the sort of record that might force your neighbours to buy earplugs. Shrugging off lightweight soundscapes with a pneumatic battery of drum & bass and cut-glass jazz, and forever goading you--the confused and frightened listener--to keep up the pace, the likes of "Vic Acid" are high-tempo blasts of solidified confusion. No, it isn't coffee table music. But whatever you do, don't try and dance to it either.--Louis Pattison