Art of Rolling

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  1. Word From The Bird
  2. Product Of DK
  3. I Remember The Days
  4. I Want You
  5. The Remains Of Sir Maison
  6. Baby, I've Got Time
  7. The Bluverture
  8. Revelation Of Love
  9. Mob Rule
  10. What The Young People Want
  11. Coeur De Lion
  12. New Slough
In the three-months leading up to the making of their debut album, the members of this shaggy-haired Danish quartet relocated to a rundown loft in Brooklyn and played over 50 live shows around New York, never once failing to fill a room. The secret? A surge of Hammon organ, go-go beats and chaotically wielded electric guitars, resulting in a heady, infectious sound that brings together '60s rock 'n' soul together with vintage punk and modern garage rock. Singer Steffan Westmark is a marvel. Like the Hives' Howlin' Pelle Almquist he's able to do authentic American R&B ("Baby, I've Got Time") and powerhouse wailing ("Revelation of Love") with equal poise, while the band bashing away in the background plays so hard it sounds intent on bloodying its fingertips. What more could anyone want? Aidin Vaziri