I Know

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  1. Keeping My Faith In You
  2. Isn't There Someone
  3. Religion
  4. Get It Right
  5. I Know
  6. I'm Only Human
  7. Nights In Harlem
  8. Dream Lover
  9. When I Need You
  10. Are You Using Me?
  11. Are You Mad At Me?
  12. Now That I Have You
  13. Nights In Harlem (A Darkchild Extended Remix)
Friendship, love, nostalgia, and truth are the fertile lyrical ingredients that colour the melodic canvas of Vandross's 13th album. A master of R&B vocal phrasing, jazzy composition, and pop string arrangements, Vandross remains on point with standout tunes such as "Keeping My Faith in You", "Are You Using Me?" and "Religion". However, the veteran singer also explores fresh creative paths on which to deliver his rich, trademark vocals. He raises the stakes by going uncharacteristically up-tempo with the inventive "Nights in Harlem", where he recalls festive sentimental memories. The equally spirited "Get It Right" pushes the artist's established aesthetic even further by tapping into subtle but contemporary hip-hop beats and rhymes by budding female rapper Precise. --J.R. Reynolds