Moon Pix

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  1. American Flag
  2. He Turns Down
  3. No Sense
  4. Say
  5. Metal Heart
  6. Back Of Your Head
  7. Moonshiner
  8. You May Know Him
  9. Colors And The Kids
  10. Cross Bones Style
  11. Peking Saint
Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power, has created an album, Moon Pix, that somehow manages to be both complex and difficult as well as stark and spacious. It's an interesting contradiction mirrored in Marshall's vocal and lyrical talents; her voice soars and croons, sometimes trading melodies with a wandering flute line, while her lyrics are powerful, inscrutable, and fiercely intimate. Two of the Dirty Three evoke a subtle instrumental landscape upon which she wanders, a place less haunting than haunted; specters of lost friends, lost loves, and unrealized dreams abound. There is beauty here, but the kind of beauty found in the crushed shell of a bird's egg or a cemetery in fall. Not an easy listen, but a necessary one. --Tod Nelson