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レーベル:Geffen Records
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  1. Cold Brains
  2. Nobody's Fault But My Own
  3. Lazy Flies
  4. Canceled Check
  5. We Live Again
  6. Tropicalia
  7. Dead Melodies
  8. Bottle of Blues
  9. O Maria
  10. Sing It Again
  11. Static/Diamond Bollocks (hidden track)
It's unfortunate how much attention has been paid to how this album was recorded--quickly, without the same level of studio fuss that marked Beck's breakthrough album, Odelay. That's a shame because our favorite chameleon has pulled the neatest trick of all: he's dropped the lyrical schtick that sometimes marred his sonic wizardy, leaving listeners to wonder if he even believed in the music he was playing. That's not an issue here. At times, he sounds like Ray Davies updated for the '90s, stripping himself bare with lovely, simple songs that linger long after they've supposedly ended. Beck may have made his initial mark with "Loser," a clever but insincere admission of inferiority; he's more likely to be remembered for the similar but more heartfelt confession of "Nobody's Fault But My Own." --Keith Moerer