Complete Aladdin Recordings

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Disc : 1
  1. Katie May
  2. Feel So Bad
  3. Blues (That Mean Old Twister)
  4. I Can't Stay Here In Your Town
  5. Can't Do Like You Used To
  6. West Coast Blues
  7. Short Haired Woman
  8. L.A. Blues
  9. Big Mama Jump
  10. Down Baby
  11. Let Me Play With Your Poodle
  12. Fast Mail Rambler
  13. Thinkin' And Worryin'
  14. Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind
  15. Woman Woman
  16. Picture On The Wall
  17. You're Not Goin' To Worry My Life Anymore
  18. You're Gonna Miss Me
  19. Sugar On My Mind
  20. Nightmare Blues
  21. Someday Baby
  22. Come Back Baby
Disc : 2
  1. Lightnin's Boogie
  2. Baby You're Not Going To Make A Fool Out Of Me
  3. Daddy Will Be Home One Day
  4. Moon Rise Blues
  5. Howling Wolf
  6. Morning Blues
  7. Have To Let You Go
  8. Mama's Baby Child
  9. Mistreated Blues
  10. My California
  11. Honey Babe
  12. So Long
  13. See See Rider
  14. Unpredictable Woman
  15. I Just Don't Care
  16. Drinkin' Woman
  17. Abilene
  18. Shotgun
  19. Rollin' And Rollin'
  20. Tell It Like It Is
  21. Miss Loretta
Forty-three tracks of the seminal bluesman's recordings for Aladdin in the 1940s, The Complete Aladdin Recordings is a must-hear. Performing alone with his guitar or with sparse accompaniment--usually pianist Wilson "Thunder" Smith--Lightnin' dishes out the best of Texas country-blues. Starting off with "Katie May," Hopkins's first recording for Aladdin, the two-CD set winds its way through the guitarist's years with the label, showcasing what he was up to before his decline in popularity and eventual revival with the folk boom of the 1960s. Those expecting the almost-rock & roll of the latter period won't here any of that here, but they will hear its germination in such rollicking tunes as "Big Mama Jump" and "Let Me Play with Your Poodle." Definitely required, not only to hear the best of early Lightnin', but to hear the best of Texas country-blues. --Genevieve Williams