David Daniels - Handel Operatic Arias

Alto David Daniels , 作曲 George Frideric Handel , 指揮 Roger Norrington , オーケストラ Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
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  1. Recitativo: Frondi tenere
  2. Larghetto: Ombra mai fù
  3. Aria: Va tacito e nascosto
  4. Aria: Al lampo dell' armi
  5. Recitativo accompagnato: Dell' ondoso periglio
  6. Aria: Aure, deh, per pietà
  7. Tamerlano: A dispetto d'un volto ingrato
  8. Recitativo: E vivo ancora
  9. Aria: Scherza infida
  10. Aria: Cara speme, questo core
  11. Aria: L'angue offeso mai riposa
  12. Sinfonia: Pompe vane di morte
  13. Largo: Dove sei amato bene?
  14. Aria: Vivi, tiranno
  15. Largo: Cara sposa, amante cara
  16. Aria: Venti turbini
David Daniels seems to be the current leader of the opera world's March of the Falsettos--and with good reason: he's one of the first countertenors with enough beef in his voice to sound convincing in the heroic castrato roles of Handel's operas. His first solo disc is a collection of arias from just those roles--and an impressive debut it is. Daniels has the solid coloratura technique a Handel singer needs and a quick, narrow vibrato that can blend with Baroque instruments without alienating traditional opera buffs. (In fact, he sometimes sounds surprisingly like Marilyn Horne, one of his coaches.) Best of all, he has a musicality and dramatic sense that save the laments and slow serenades from dullness and the bravura showpieces from empty virtuoso display. The performances aren't flawless: Norrington's tempos are occasionally too quick for comfort (Daniels's and the listener's), and Daniels's vibrato sometimes spreads unattractively at the top of his range. He's at his best in the low alto roles that Handel wrote for the great castrato Il Senesino, such as the title roles in Giulio Cesare and Orlando. Let's hope we get to hear him in complete recordings of these operas soon. --Matthew Westphal