Greatest Hits

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  1. Love is a stranger
  2. Sweet dreams
  3. Who's that girl
  4. Right by your side
  5. Here comes the rain again
  6. There must be an angel (Playing with my heart)
  7. Sisters are doin' it for themselves
  8. It's alright (Baby's coming back)
  9. When tomorrow comes
  10. You have placed a chill in my heart
  11. miracle of love
  12. Sex crime (1984)
  13. Thorn in my side
  14. Don't ask me why
  15. Angel
  16. Would I lie to you?
  17. Missionary man
  18. I need a man
One of the earliest things that we learned about Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart was that the duo had style. In their first few videos, including "Sweet Dreams" and "Love Is a Stranger," they were just as notable for their androgynous suits and rubber utility coverall, as they were for their ice box synthetic dance beats. But as Eurythmics continued to churn out one hit after another, something else became refreshingly apparent: In the midst of all of the impersonal drum machines and frozen electronics, Lennox displayed both rhythm and soul. With a voice powerful enough to hold its own against genre queen Aretha Franklin ("Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves"), Lennox added another dimension to the haunting moodiness of "Who's That Girl" and "Here Comes the Rain Again". Changing personas and musical stylings with every release, Eurythmics blasted out horn-infused rockers ("Would I Lie to You"), country-fied twangers ("Thorn in My Side"), and melodic brilliance ("When Tomorrow Comes"). Greatest Hits captures the band's most inspired moments and justifies all of the original fuss. --Steve Gdula