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ESCM, the second album from Washington DC-based producer Brian Transeau (aka BT), is proof--if any were needed--of the musical worth of dance music. Transeau started out as a classically trained musician, before turning his hand to house music in the early 1990s. This traditional background shines through on ESCM, with progressive house and trance rhythms being given string overdubs and sound washes reminiscent of Brian Eno or other avant garde ambient artists. "Flaming June" is an almost perfect club anthem, while "Remember", featuring the vocals of Jan Johnston, mixes breakbeats into BT's lush soundsape. Transeau manages to pull off huge changes in genre--from drum & bass (the breathtaking "Road to Lostwithiel" and "Orbitus Terranium") to dirty grunge (the confusing "Solar Plexus")--whilst still retaining a beautifully layered trademark sound. This is a great album, and one which can be savoured by club heads and armchair listeners alike. --Matt Anniss