Delay Does Chicago

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  1. Beautiful Bones
  2. Brave Woman
  3. All Cried Out
  4. Leave Me Alone
  5. Come On Home
  6. El Train
  7. Wait
  8. Ain't Foolin' 'Round
  9. What's Coming Next
  10. Only Me
  11. Great Big Kid
  12. Oak Street Beach
Pacific Northwesterner Paul deLay leaves behind his trusty band to take himself and his harmonica on a turn through Chicago; teaming up with Rockin' Johnny Burgin's band, he's produced an album of harp-heavy, Chi-town-flavored blues that's more than a curiosity. DeLay is a veteran, and you can hear it in his concise songwriting, growling vocals, and riff-heavy harp playing. Things kick off with the heavy groove of "Beautiful Bones" before sliding into the tense, slow-burning "Brave Woman." DeLay and his borrowed backups shuffle handily through "All Cried Out" and "Come On Home," the latter of which boasts some hilarious lyrics, sung more than capably by Zora Young. Guitarist Jimmy Dawkins also guest stars. There's always been more than a bit of Chicago in deLay's playing, but it's a treat to hear him go for that sound for an entire album. --Genevieve Williams