Blue Bash

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  1. Blue Bash
  2. Travelin'
  3. Fever
  4. Blues For Del
  5. Easy Living
  6. Soft Winds
  7. Kenny's Sound
  8. Travelin' - Alternative Take
  9. Fever - Alternative Take
  10. Soft Winds - Alternative Take
  11. Kenny's Sound - Alternative Take
  12. Easy Living - Alternative Take
  13. Travelin' - Breakdown Take
  14. Kenny's Sound - Alternative Take
There have been great partnerships in history: Adam and Eve, Fred and Ginger, and the one under the spotlight here, Jimmy Smith and Kenny Burrell. For whenever the organist and guitarist got together something good usually happened. This is certainly true of this reissued 1963 album that the pair cut for Verve. Leaving the big band sound, which Verve were then encouraging Smith to use, this one harks back to the small group albums Smith made for Blue Note in the late 50s. Also often to be heard on those was, of course, Kenny Burrell (including Smith's finest album, Back At The Chicken Shack). The pair's use of blues and funk were ideally suited and put together made for some exhilarating jazz. The two versions here of "Fever", for example, are just the epitome of sexy cool. Now coming in lush packaging this CD shows a double act perfectly in tune with each other. --Phil Brett

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