Apple Venus 1

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  1. River Of Orchids
  2. I'd Like That
  3. Easter Theatre
  4. Knights In Shining Karma
  5. Frivolous Tonight
  6. Greenman
  7. Your Dictionary
  8. Fruit Nut
  9. I Can't Own Her
  10. Harvest Festival
  11. The Last Balloon
The first XTC album after a six-year hiatus opens with the plink of a water drop, just a hint of the musical downpour to come. Add an interplay with a plucked cello and the low pulse of French horns, and soon Apple Venus Volume One bursts into a festival of symphonic excess. Wedding Andy Partridge's impeccable, overtime-working pop senses to the warmth and lushness of acoustic orchestral arrangements is an inspired move, not only recasting XTC's long career, but resulting in one of the year's most splendorous recordings. --Tod Nelson