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  1. Ku'u Lei Awapuhi
  2. Shaka Slack Key
  3. Maika'i Ka Makani O Kohala
  4. The Beauty of Mauna Kea
  5. Pele Trilogy (vocal)
  6. Maui Waltz
  7. Kauhale O Kamapua'a
  8. He Wahine Hololio
  9. Blue Water Dolphin
  10. He Aloha Mele
  11. Ipo Lei Manu/Heceia
  12. Honolulu City Lights
  13. Ka Makani Ka'ili Aloha
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Pianist George Winston has been unearthing a Hawaiian music that goes deeper than the resort-hotel image of ukulele songs, hula dancers, and Don Ho. In particular, he's enchanted with the sound of the slack-key guitar, a finger-style approach with strings tuned lower, and--literally--slacker, than normal. One of the modern players Winston has released on his Dancing Cat label, Keola Beamer has that laconic, slack-key-guitar sound down cold, but he weds it to more atmospheric songs and arrangements. Kolonahe: From the Gentle Wind is more vocal than Beamer's other recordings, full of vowel-filled melodies, such as "Ku'u Lei Awapuhi," sung with gentle grace. He's surrounded by sparse but evocative arrangements with percussion, nose flute, mandolins, and, on "Kauhale O Kamapua'a," reverberant electric guitars. He's also joined on four tunes by Winston playing piano and guitar. Kolonahe is a magical celebration of the Hawaii behind the travel ads. --John Diliberto