Out Loud

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  1. Missing Note
  2. Batter The Jam No.3
  3. Push Eject
  4. Limbo
  5. Intruder
  6. An Owl
  7. Oneness
  8. Scatterin' Monkey
  9. Bonus Track: Def
  10. Bonus Track: On The Painted Desert
  11. Bonus Track: A Moment Of Silence
  12. Bonus Track: Dub Me Crazy Ver.02
Like so many Japanese artists of late (Cornelius, Zoobombs), Boom Boom Satellites take Western music and reinterpret and reinvent it with dizzying results. Boom Boom's stratospheric flights of big-beat frenzy recall Phil Spector producing the Chemical Brothers or deviant computer nerd Aphex Twin jackhammering the funky breakbeats of the Propellerheads. Expanding on the big-beat genre with the occasional punk vocal or fractured dub symphony, Boom Boom make music for the mind, mad soundscapes of cosmic riffing, vicious stereo panning and organic pile-driver beats. On "Push Eject," a Noel Gallagher-esque vocal and a Hendrixy guitar warp intertwine, creating a hallucinogenic sound not unlike that of falling into a bottomless volcano. Instruments blur and collide, only to resurface elsewhere. Titanic, John Bonham-ish beats and ricocheting Moogs fill "Limbo," a gleeful treatise on headphone sex. Free-jazz saxophone and flute play Humpty Dumpty solos in "An Owl," while "Oneness" approximates the Zoobombs' taste for raging Stooges-style punk. Even string quartets are spliced and diced in "On the Painted Desert," a majestic, classical gas for club kids. (Note: listen for the buried radar "ping.") The effects are the icing, but as with most of the global big-beat posse, slamming rhythms are the heart of Boom Boom Satellites, be it a braggart hip-hop bounce or hard-driving funk pummel. That, coupled with the duo's mind-blowing dub treatments, makes Out Loud one of the year's most vital electronica releases. --Ken Micallef