Run Lola Run: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

作曲 Johnny Klimek , 作曲 Reinhold Heil , 作曲 Tom Tykwer
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  1. Believe - Franka Potente
  2. Intorduction - Tom Tykwer
  3. Running One - Tom Tykwer
  4. Supermarket - Tom Tykwer
  5. Running Two - Tom Tykwer
  6. Running Three - Tom Tykwer
  7. Casino - Tom Tykwer
  8. Sonebody Has to Pay - Susie Van Der Meer
  9. Wish [Komm Zu Mir] - Franka Potente
  10. Introductin [Remix] - Sun Electric
  11. Supermarket [Super Clemek Remix] - Clemek
  12. Running One [Large Mix] - Lee Spencer
  13. Running Two [Remix] - Operation Phoenix
  14. Casino [Solid State Remix] - Tommi Eckart
  15. (Big) Wish - Franka Potente
  16. Rock Me - Pills
German film Run Lola Run has been compared to a 70-minute rock video: non-stop action and music, and (for better or worse) not a whole lot of plot. But the premise works, as does the film's high-energy techno soundtrack. Most of the tunes on this disc are credited to the trio of Tykwer/Klimek/Heil--the threesome of film director Tom Tykwer, techno producer John Klimek, and Rynhold Heil (best known as the producer of German pop import 99 Luftballons by Nena). Included are several remixes of the movie's main themes, the bass-heavy "Rock Me" by Pills, and "Wish", featuring the vocals of Franka Potente (Lola herself). There are a ton of soundtracks that have employed dance music, but few work as successfully as Run Lola Run. There's a cohesiveness to this dark and furious mix of beats that your typical compilation just can't muster. --Jason Verlinde