Tierra De Nadie

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レーベル:Higher Octave
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  1. Busindre Reel
  2. Naves
  3. Si La Nieve
  4. Gaviotes (Seagulls)
  5. El Garrotin
  6. El Ramu
  7. La Linea Trazada (The Drawn Line)
  8. Llaciana
  9. Sobrepena
  10. Borganaz
  11. Anada
Though the cornerstone of Uilleann piping may be found in the British Isles' colorful Celtic culture, the commonly termed bagpipes have ventured far and wide, making themselves quite comfortable not only in traditional and contemporized Celtic musics, Scottish weddings, and wakes, but in indie-rock, inspirational, world, and New Age styles. An example of the latter is that of José Angel Hevia Velasco and his release Tierra de Nadie. As a young boy coming of age in Spain, Hevia forsook competitive cycling for piping, studying the Asturian bagpipe with a master. Having played often and well since his boyhood studies, Hevia here takes up the electronic bagpipes as well as the low whistle, forging a highly polished and reflective blend with his band, which includes bouzouki, bodhran, violin, electric guitar, and electronic programming. Not for purists, Hevia's beat-driven concoction will prove tasty to adventurous dance, New Age, and international music enthusiasts. --Paige La Grone