Edge of Forever

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レーベル:Sanctuary Records
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  1. Workin'
  2. Full Moon Night
  3. Preacher Man
  4. Mean Streets
  5. Tomorrow's Goodbye
  6. Edge Of Forever
  7. Gone Fishin'
  8. Through It All
  9. Money Back Guarantee
  10. G.W.T.G.G.
  11. Rough Around The Edges
  12. FLA
The ultimate diehard rock band returns with a collection that at times recalls Skynyrd in their prime, but won't prompt anyone to forget the fabled, ill-fated lineup of yore. By now, three members remain from the classic '70s Skynyrd (guitarist Gary Rossington, keyboardist Billy Powell, and bassist Leon Wilkeson); vocalists Johnny Van Zant and Dale Krantz-Rossington certainly qualify as stalwarts, having been with the bunch since their 1987 reformation. Blackfoot alumni Ricky Medlocke and former Outlaw Hughie Thomasson round out the three-guitars-strong frontline, and hired-gun drummer Kenny Arnoff lays a rock-solid foundation, so LS '99 doesn't lack for instrumental muscle. The problem lies in the material. Fallen frontman Ronnie Van Zant wasn't exactly an artful lyricist, but his blunt statements had a way of landing like a solid uppercut. The descendants to Skynyrd warhorses such as "Saturday Night Special" and "Gimme Three Steps" found here, however, aren't going to knock anyone for a loop. You like guitars that travel in packs, Skynyrd's still a good bet. You like enduring rock songs, return to the source. --Steven Stolder