Gene Krupa Story

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Disc : 1
  1. I Hope Gabriels Likes My Music
  2. Swing Is Here
  3. Grandfather's Clock
  4. I Know That You Know
  5. Fare Thee Well, Annie Laurie
  6. Wire Brush Stomp
  7. Rhythm Jam
  8. Nagasaki
  9. Tutti-Frutti
  10. Jeepers Creepers
  11. Murdy Purdy
  12. Apurksody
  13. Do You Wanna Jump, Children?
  14. Quiet And Roll 'Em
  15. The Madam Swings It
  16. Jungle Madness
  17. Old Black Joe
  18. Sweetheart, Honey, Darlin' Dear
  19. Symphony In Riffs
  20. Drummin' Man
  21. Blue Rhythm Fantasy
  22. Boog It
  23. Tuxedo Junction
  24. No Name Jive
  25. The Sergeant Was Shy
  26. Who?
Disc : 2
  1. The Babe Takes A Bow
  2. Rhumboogie
  3. I Hear Music
  4. How About That Mess
  5. Full Dress Hop
  6. Sweet Georgia Brown
  7. Deep In The Blues
  8. There'll Be Some Changes Made
  9. Drum Boogie
  10. Georgia On My Mind
  11. Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina
  12. Slow Down
  13. Green Eyes
  14. Let Me Off Uptown
  15. Kick It
  16. After You've Gone
  17. Rockin' Chair
  18. Stop! The Red Light's On
  19. The Walls Keep Talking
  20. Skylark
  21. Bolero At The Savoy
  22. Thanks For The Boogie Ride
  23. Pass The Bounce
  24. Ball Of Fire
  25. That's What You Think
Disc : 3
  1. Knock Me A Kiss
  2. That Drummer's Band
  3. Massachusetts
  4. 'Murder', He Says
  5. Leave Us Leap
  6. What's This?
  7. Dark Eyes
  8. Body And Soul
  9. Stompin' At The Savoy
  10. Opus No.1
  11. (Did You Ever Get) That Feeling In The Moonlight
  12. Boogie Blues
  13. Chickery Chick
  14. In The Middle Of May
  15. Lover
  16. Tea For Two
  17. Harriet
  18. How High The Moon
  19. There Is No Breeze (To Cool The Flame Of Love)
  20. Disc Jockey Jump
  21. Gene's Boogie
  22. Starburst
  23. I Should Have Kept On Dreaming
  24. Calling Dr. Gillespie
  25. Up An' Atom
Disc : 4
  1. Blue Moon
  2. Leave Us Leap
  3. Moontide
  4. Indiana
  5. Begin The Beguine
  6. My Ideal
  7. Calling Dr. Gillespie
  8. Love Is In My Heart
  9. Wire Brush Stomp
  10. I'll Never Be The Same
  11. Blue Lou
  12. The Man I Love
  13. Birdhouse
  14. 10 Ritchie Drive
  15. It's Up To You
  16. Otto, Make That Riff Staccato
  17. USO
  18. Lyonaise Potatoes And Some Pork Chops
  19. In The Moon Mist
  20. Margie
  21. Night And Day
  22. By The River St. Marie
  23. All By Myself
Gene Krupa attained a level of fame unmatched by any other drummer in jazz history. His performances of "Sing, Sing, Sing" with the Benny Goodman band epitomized the raw excitement of jazz in the swing era, and his subsequent celebrity, further fuelled by a 1943 arrest for marijuana possession, even led to a 1960 biopic, The Gene Krupa Story, starring Sal Mineo. This four-CD set concentrates on the decade from 1938 to 1947, providing tremendous depth on a period when Krupa was leading one of the most innovative and popular big bands of the era. Although it's budget-priced, the set has sound, selection, and documentation created using very high standards indeed. The first three CDs follow the studio evolution of Krupa's bands, while the fourth is devoted to live broadcasts from 1945 to '47. The impact of his energetic drumming is evident throughout, both in his frequent features, like "Wire-brush Stomp," and in the band's rocking covers of such tunes as "Tuxedo Junction."

The greatest moments, though, come from his inspired choice of associates, with singer Anita O'Day and the great trumpeter Roy Eldridge matching the leader's spontaneity on hits like "Drop Me Off Uptown" and "Drum Boogie." Even the ballads swing--O'Day's band debut on "Georgia on My Mind" is superb--and Krupa's drive is sufficient to propel even the large 1944 group with strings. His talents with a small group are on display in his "band within a band," the trio with tenor saxophonist Charlie Ventura that's heard on such tracks as "Dark Eyes" and "Stompin' at the Savoy." Krupa was also one of the first big-band leaders to respond to bebop, including vocalist Dave Lambert, trumpeter Red Rodney, and the young Gerry Mulligan in his band's ranks. The fourth CD shows Krupa at his most energetic, providing further perspectives on both "the band that swings with strings" and a great bandleader in the transition from swing to bop. --Stuart Broomer