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レーベル:Def Jam
JAN:0731454660921 売上ランキング:音楽で9656位

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  1. A Special Joint (Intro)
  2. Blackout
  3. Mi Casa
  4. Y.O.U.
  5. 4 Seasons
  6. Cereal Killer
  7. Da Rockwilder
  8. Tear It Off
  9. Where We At (Skit)
  10. 1, 2, 1, 2
  11. Maaad Crew
  12. Run 4 Cover
  13. The ?
  14. Dat's Dat S**t
  15. Cheka
  16. Fire Ina Hole
  17. Well All Rite Cha
  18. Big Dogs
  19. How High (Remix)
If you love energetic beats coupled with explosive lyrical content then Blackout! is your album. This highly anticipated effort features the combined powers of the Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man and the Def Squad's Redman--it's 19 cuts of pure excitement. Production highlights include the RZA-produced "Cereal Killer," Erick Sermon's "Maad Crew," and the dark-and-dirty sounds of "Run 4 Cover," featuring the Wu's Ghostface Killah and Streetlife. The album remains focused throughout without trying to appeal to any specific audience. Lyrically Red and Meth consistently come with the best in wit and wordplay, weaving a musical tapestry that should hang on the wall of any hip-hop fan. You won't find any specific messages, themes, or philosophies, but any true head will tell you that Blackout! is hip-hop at its best. --Kenji Jasper